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Founded in 2014, innovative modern entertainment company specialized in organizing international and local events, concerts, seminars, cultural and educational workshops and live events of the international well-known speakers, writers, artists and persons which can share their knowledge, their testimonies with our audiance.

Other focus of our company is digital deliveries of secured content to cinemas, TV and satellite providers. Mirami Media Inc. is a leader in digital technology services for the cinema industry and provides innovative solutions to movie exhibitors, movie distributors, producers, right-holders, cinema networks. Our core business is in the digital deliveries of the content (DCP, trailers, ads) over terrestrial and satellite networks, content services, advertising. The solution is based on long term experiences of the founder in the digital deliveries of the content for movie and entertainment industry.

The company systematically expanding its entertainment and entertainment activities including the distribution of international movies, subtitling and screening.
We are proactive, service-oriented, accessible and collaborate with our clients—which results in long-term working relationships with the majority of our clients. We are focusing on the entertainment and on the connection of the technology with media and movie industry.

Mirami Media Inc has main office in Prague, Czech Republic and cooperates with partners around the world.


Mirami Media s.r.o is organizing events, concerts, seminars and debates of international speakers, writers and artists.

In 2013, 2014, 2015 we organized many seminars of US writer Dr. Alexander Loyd with more than 1500 attendees.

In 2018 we organized a seminar of US writer and biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton.

In 2019 we co-organized with Greentalk talk show "Trochu inak" in Olomouc with Adela Vinczeová.

For 2020 we plan a lot of concerts, seminars and other events.

Planned events


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TBA - Talk Show "Trochu inak" with Adela Vinczeová


Mirami Media Inc, is recognized by the exhibitors as the satellite and terrestrial digital motion picture system integrator. Our software and hardware appliances currently enable the secure, reliable and cost-effective distribution of feature, trailers and ads into theaters. We are the integrator of the solution on the distributor's side and on cinemas'side.

Our platform and the interface is clearly understandable and is very easy to use in each cinema. 10 minutes for the installation, one minute is enough to understand how to manage

The system. There is no need to use flashcards and USB-discs. A content is delivered through local network directly to a server for playing.

In the cooperation with our partners - CinePostproduction GmbH and Filmprint we are able to deliver digitaly any DCP movie safely to any part of the world, any city around the world.



Digital deliveries of DCPs to the theatres and cinemas.

Post production services, including translations, dubbing and subtitling.

Filmmaking - documentaries and advertising

Organization of seminars, concerts and live events of renowned international speakers and artists.


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  • E-Mail: events@miramimedia.com
  • Address: MIRAMI MEDIA s.r.o. K Vetrovu 535, 25168 Kamenice, Prague-East, Czech Republic

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